Thursday, December 6, 2007


The Greek director Angeliki Antoniou is going to be present for the Albanian audience with her many award winning film “Eduart”. Based upon true events Eduart, a young man raised in a cruel and oppressive family environment, leaves Albania with the dream of becoming a rock star and living a better life. His reckless character and the passions of his youth lead him to commit a murder in Athens. Chased by everyone, even by his own self, he is imprisoned under the harshest conditions. Eduart, with the help of a German doctor, learns to feel sympathy for others and guilt for his crime. His deep remorse will lead him from darkness to light. Like the Dostoevskian hero Raskolnikov, Eduart passes from crime to punishment, by daring to admit his guilt. In international criminal history, the "Eduart case" occurs once in a hundred years.

Selected by the European Film Academy for the 2007 European Film Awards

Greece's submission for an Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Film 2008

47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, State Awards, 2006:

Best Feature Film

Best Director (Angeliki Antoniou)

Best Screenplay (Angeliki Antoniou)

Best Set Design (Ioulia Stavridou)

Best Music (Kostas Christides and Minos Matsas)

Best Sound (Nikos Papadimitriou)

Best Editing (Takis Yannopoulos)

Best Costumes (Ioulia Stavridou)

Best Make-up (Fani Alexaki)

47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2006:

FIPRESCI Award (Federation of International Film Critics)

The Greek Union of Film Television and Audiovisual Technicians (ETEKT) Award

29th Montpellier International Mediterranean Film Festival, 2007:

Golden Antigone (Antigone d'or de la Ville et de l'Agglomération de Montpellier)

Special mention by the Young People's Award (CMCAS)

Moscow International Film Festival, 2007 (Main Competition)

World Film Festival of Montreal, 2007

International Film Festival, Copenhagen, 2007
highest prize the GOLDEN ANTIGONE in International Montpellier Film Festival

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